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This week!

Posted on 10/15/17

Special Ordering in less than 12 Parsecs!

Posted on 01/12/17

Want to know if we can get something in stock? Well, now you can! If you are looking for a particular item, just search for it above and you'll now see a "SPECIAL ORDER" item pop up as a selection. If you want us to get it in, place your order and we'll have it shipped to the store in (about) 7-10 days (most of the time anyways)! You'll get notified when it is ready for pickup! If your product is on back order or out-of-print, we will place a standing order with the distributor, and we will notify you when it arrives. This could take a while though, so any time you like, we will offer you a 100% refund. If the item is not coming up, please send us an email to and we'll do a little more research as to why!

We're pretty jazzed about our new special order system!